by Jason Jennings

Joined by Laurence Haughton, his head of research and development, with whom he penned the blockbuster hit, It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small – It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow, Jennings draws on years of research and 11,000+ in-depth interviews with executives, business owners, and CEOs across the country to uncover how successful leaders build a culture that supports speed, innovation, and growth. Based on his findings, he offers prescriptions for creating teams that consistently grow revenues and profits through a purpose of doing well by doing good, guiding principles to make fast decisions, a laser focus on exceeding customer expectations, and practices that support transparency and accountability.

The companies in the book:

  • Solve problems the first time rather than revisiting them again and again

  • Keep good customers from defecting

  • Empower the 70% of all employees who say they’re not engaged or actively disengaged (per Gallup’s, State of the American Workplace) to start doing their part for your organization (should you italicize or put in quotes the State of the American Workplace?)

  • Allow people to admit mistakes rather than covering them up

  • Encourage people to improvise rather than wait for direction from the top

  • Reduce resistance to new ideas

  • Get more cooperation and coordination across functions and titles

  • Fill open jobs with people who like being fast

  • Do all of the preceding simultaneously

Writing in his trademark down-to-earth, tell it like it is and irreverent style, and featuring stories from companies as diverse as Google, Charles Schwab, Proctor and Gamble, Arrow Electronics, Johnson & Johnson, CoBank, Henry Schein, W.W. Grainger and O’Reilly Auto Parts, this book will become your step-by-step roadmap for thinking fast and moving faster.

The book is designed to be read in one of three ways: one chapter at a time with specific tasks assigned at the end of each chapter, select a chapter that addresses an issue you’re having and follow the advice or as an airplane read with a nugget of wisdom, practical advice or memorable story on every page.

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©2020 by Jason Jennings.